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Chucky Announces Season 3 Premiere Date

Charles Lee Ray may have mastered the art of the exorcism — but is he ready for the perils of D.C. politics? Everyone’s friend ’til the end and audiences alike will find out when Chucky Season 3 premieres on SYFY and USA Network on Oct. 4.

In an NSFW tongue-in-cheek news conference, Chucky climbs atop a podium and tells the gathered press to quiet down.

“I’m here to announce to you dips—- that Season 3 of my show, Chucky, will return on Oct. 4. And I will not rest until every single one of you f—ers watch it,” he says in the above video.

The press, of course, immediately hound him for further details.

When one reporter asked him what the season is about, Chucky had this to say: “D.C. is gonna get chucked up.”

Will Devon Sawa — who has appeared in the previous two seasons in three different roles — be in Season 3? He’s not sure who that is.

(Editor’s note: It’s cute that they think Chucky gives two s–ts about Devon Sawa.)

And what about all the other famous horror dolls that have been getting movies? (A doll named M3GAN comes to mind.)

“I’d say this is not a movie. I already did seven movies. This is a TV show. What kind of a sh—y question is that?” Chucky responds.

Chucky is a continuation of the iconic Child’s Play film franchise chronicling the murderous escapades of the notorious killer doll. In the TV series, Chucky crosses paths with archenemies, old allies, and new prey as he seeks to inspire fear and mayhem wherever he goes. After his diabolical plan to invade America’s children’s hospitals was foiled in Season 1, Chucky now seeks revenge on those he holds responsible: surviving teens Jake (Zackary Arthur), Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind), along with his ex Tiffany, now his sworn enemy. After having escaped their new Catholic school, can “Jevon” keep their relationship alive and best Chucky once and for all — this time in the nation’s capitol?

Chucky Season 3 begins its term on SYFY and USA Network on Oct. 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, streaming next day on Peacock.

Source: syfy.com


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